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Fatima Abo Turab

Heavenly conditions. The shrine of Hazrat Ali ebn Abi Taleb (as). MashAllah!

How I wish to visit Sayida Zainab (as) soon. Peace be upon the heroine of Karbala!

" Whenever you think that the truth will ruin you, it will save you; and whenever you think that falsehood will save you, it will ruin you "

- Imam Sadiq (as), Mishkat Ul-Anwar, Section 10, Ch. 3 , #1924 (via 14noor)

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On the day of her birthday. The shrine of Sayeda Fatima al maasoma, Qum. MashAllah!

Heavenly conditions. Entrance to the shrine of Amirul Mominin Ali ebn Abi Taleb (as).


Heavenly conditions on Flickr.

The shrine of Sayeda Fatima al Maasoma!

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If only I were a bird that could fly
If only someone wings to me gave
I would land on His sand and cry
I would sit beside al Sadiq’s grave!

The martyr of Mawlah Jaafar al Sadiq (as)


Hussain lost his back,

When he realized Abbas 

Was not coming back.

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Ya Abbas