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Fatima Abo Turab


Ya Abbas


I dream of standing Between the Two Shrines

Pained over who I shall visit first

Aba Abdillahi al Hussain

or Abal Fadl who bore his master’s flag

I dream of kneeling Between the Two Shrines

The holy sands of Karbala swirling about me

Enveloping me, pulling my heart to Husain and then to Abbas

To Abbas and then to Husain

I dream of prostrating Between the two Shrines

Only to rise and find that I am beside my Imam

1372 years ago

My sword unsheathed

And my soul ready to meet its Lord


How much it hurts how much
That by distance my salam send
No shrine to kiss or touch
A longing with no end

#imamalSadiq days

why do you love Ali (RA) so much?

Aslamu alaykum wa al rahma wal barakah. I would like to answer by saying, simply, YES I love this personality because I knew Him. For which soul knew Hazrat Ali (AS) and didn’t love Him? Which soul read and learned from the ocean of Hazrat Ali’s (AS) knowledge, and didn’t want to learn more? Yet loving Hazrat Ali (AS) doesn’t meant that I exclude loving my creator Allah (swt), my beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and my Quran. Loving Hazrat Ali (AS) learned me to love worshiping Allah even more, Loving Hazrat Ali learned me to give value to the sacrifice of my Prophet (SAW) even more. Loving Hazrat Ali makes me know the Quran even more! 

For YES, Hazrat Ali (AS) had had all those human excellences that he had - that wisdom and knowledge, that self-sacrifice and altruism, that humility and modesty, that courtesy, that kindness and mercy, that protection of the weak, that justness, that liberality and love of freedom, that respect for humanity, that generosity, that bravery, that magnanimity and mercy towards his enemies, and, in the words of Rum!

In bravery you are the Lion of the Lord,

In generosity who indeed knows who you are?

Therefore, Ali (AS) is loved in the sense that he had the divine link; our hearts are unconsciously completely involved with, and connected to, the Truth, right in their depths, and since they find Ali to be a great sign of the Truth and a manifestation of the attributes of the Truth they are in love with him. In reality, the basis for the love for Ali is the connection of our souls with the Truth which has been laid in our primordial natures, and since our primordial natures are eternal, love for Ali is also eternal.

I would like to end my answer by mentioning Sa’sa’ah ibn Suhan al-`Abdi who was one of those lovers of Ali. He was one of those who took part on that night with a few others in the burial of `Ali. After they had buried Ali and covered his corpse with soil, Sa’sa’ah put one of his hands over his heart, threw earth over his head and said:

"Through you the backs of the believers were made firm, the ways made clear and habits broken. No-one could amass your virtues and excellences in himself. You answered the call of the Prophet; you jumped ahead of others in accepting him: you hurried to help him, and protected him with your life. You struck with your sword, Dhu’ l-fiqar, in places of fear and savagery, and you broke the back of oppression. You caste down the structures of polytheism and vileness, and you pulled down those who were astray into dust and blood. So may you be well pleased, O Amir al-mu’minin !

You were the closest of men to the Prophet, you were the first person to follow Islam. You were overflowing with certainty, strong of heart and more self-sacrificing than any, your share in good was greater. May God not deprive us of retribution for your suffering, and may He not despise us after you have gone!” (Biharu ‘l-anwar, vo1.42, pp.295 -296)


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The Shrine of Fatima Masumeh in Qom, Iran


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جبل الصبر تبقى صابرة… وحولها الزينبيات نائحات
صفحة العتبة الحسينية المقدسة


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