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Fatima Abo Turab

Before you judge other, look at yourself!

The holy shrine of Imam Ali ebn musa al Rida (as).

(Source: dooset--daram, via salam-ya-hussain)

From distance answer me
And tell me how you are
For you I gave eyes whom with I see
Oh Karbala! Why take them so far?
I am mother, I am not asking for much
Is it true that Hussain will not bless me with one more touch?
I see death coming soon, coming soon
What is life worth
If there will be no moon, no moon
Abbas the moon lighting up my night
Is it true that Um al Banin will not have one more sight, one more sight?

Fatima Abo Turab

" When words come from heart of anyone, they find a place in heart of someone. "

- Imam Ali ebn Abi Taleb (as)

" She married me..
In spite of the tribe
And she traveled with me
Inspite of the tribe
And she gave me children
In spite of the tribe
And when I would ask her why?
She would take me, like a child beside her chest
And tell me: because you are my tribe! "

- Nizar Qabbani

Indeed :)

Salam what's ur age ?

Asked by Anonymous

Salam. 23 years.

" Speak the truth even if it be against yourself. "

- Imam Ali (as)

" It is your road and yours alone, others can walk it with you, but nobody will walk it for you! "

- Rumi